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Story Tree. TV Branding.

Working with Nitzan Sitzer to tell the Story Tree story.

Nitzan Sitzer is a cross between Fred Astaire, Hugh Jackman and your favorite cartoon character. And we’re proud to call him a friend and client.

Nitzan decided to just go for it and create a pilot for “The Story Tree,” a children’s television show that’s simply magical.

Story Tree - natie-storytree-dog-illustration - Natie Branding Agency

A show for kids. Created by some very big ones.

We created the show’s overarching brand identity, complete with logo, illustrations and voice. With an all-star Natie crew, we directed, filmed, edited, animated and produced the piece. This is one of those projects we’ll never forget. It was that much fun.

Story Tree - natie-storytree-cat-illustration - Natie Branding Agency
Story Tree - natie-storytree-logo - Natie Branding Agency

The Story Tree will inspire children to use their imaginations and believe in themselves. Nitzan, full of boundless joy, positivity and raw talent, is just the guy to help them do that.
Check out the pilot and his site here.

Story Tree - natie-storytree-illustrations - Natie Branding Agency
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