May 12, 2014
My dad’s waiting in the car for me
By Brian Collins
Blog - My dad’s waiting in the car for me - Natie Branding Agency
Brian Collins is an award-winning designer and creative director. He is the chairman and co-founder of Collins, a branding agency based in nyc. Prior to founding collins, he was chief creative officer of the brand integration group at Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide (where he and Eitan worked together). Brian's work has been featured in the new york times, fortune, and fast company – which named him one of five american masters of design. Thanks for the guest blog post, Brian.
My dad’s waiting in the car for me
BY Brian Collins

When Eitan invited me to write something about advertising for this new blog, I thought about all sorts
Of stuff that might be interesting. A post by me – clogged with new, exciting insights and ideas from the World of marketing.


Say my recent thoughts on branding? Mobile and social technologies?
Or a post on design? That might be interesting, no?


Biting sarcasm about how digitally clueless
The ad agency business remains?


A story about my dinner with legendary, real-life
Mad man, david ogilvy when I was a kid?




The best new ideas I’ve read lately are not
About marketing of any sort. And they are not mine.


They were in a simple note from a new friend.


She’s been diagnosed with a terrifying illness.
And it’s not looking good.


She recently sent an email to people who are very close to her.
It’s the best piece of writing I’ve read in months. Filled with ten very good ideas, indeed.


All I did is cut and paste.




10. Fuck shit up when I’m gone.
Or do something really nice for a homeless. I gotta go soon. My dad’s waiting in the car for me. *snicker*


9. Write a page every day. Every day!


8. Buy 3 dozen roses and give them all out on the bus. Or on the train.


7. Have picnics! Everybody needs more picnics!


6. Always choose star trek over anger.


5. Sing!
In the shower, in the springtime, whenever you want.
You don’t need to be ready.
(this is why it’s a good idea to have your favourite song lyrics in your pocket).


4. Puppies!

3. Try not to sell the jeep.
See it through to the end, and then drive the shit out of it.


2. Don’t pet the sweaty stuff.
And don’t sweat the petty stuff.


1. Love fiercely and completely without regret.
After all, woody allen said it best.
“The heart…Wants what it wants.”




And the heart doesn’t want to read another damn thing about advertising.



– Brian Collins

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