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We’re a full-service international branding agency. Purpose-driven, passionate and true, we’ve been delivering brands for over 20 years with clients large and small. From brand strategy, copywriting, logo design and visual identities to websites and more, we do it all. And we love what we do.

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Weather Lab
Brand Strategy, Copywriting, Logo + Website
The forecast is better

Weather Lab has created a scientifically proven way to cause the right amount of rain to fall wherever it’s needed most. Using harmless electromagnetic waves, Weather Lab can cause clouds to form and bring rain to drought-stricken areas or disperse them where there’s flooding – really! All they needed was a way to show and tell their story…

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Vibe Israel
Almost a million views on Facebook and counting...

Coonavirus has wreaked havoc upon the world. Vibe Israel asked us to help them express a global message of hope – something that’s absolutely consistent with who they are. We searched the internet for stories of community, heroism, tragedy, joy and hope, and we delivered a film that went viral: the promise of tomorrow. We hope it inspires.

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Branding, Strategy, Copywriting, Logo + Website

The law is all about following precedent. But branding a law firm shouldn’t be. Asserson, with offices in Tel Aviv and London, is a truly different kind of firm. Educated at some of the most demanding law programs in the world, the Asserson team take all their training and use it to evaluate each situation from a slightly different perspective.

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The Jewish Agency for Israel
Brand Strategy, Copywriting, Design + Marketing materials

Like a lot of clients whose brands drift farther and farther away as their mission and purpose evolve over time, The Jewish Agency for Israel needed help to find out where and how exactly to begin fixing it.

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The Natie Standards - Natie Branding Agency The Natie Standards - Natie Branding Agency  
We adhere to

These are our core values.
They’re who we are. We stick to them.
And we’d like to share them with you.

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Making Autonomous Fly

Autonomous flight and self-flying cars of the future aren’t as far away as you may think. And this company’s helping to make them happen. With a little help from natie, they now have the visual tools and messaging to take-off. 

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Innovation from head to test

In the world of banking and fintech, there’s one thing that’s always certain. You’re only as reliable as the systems supporting your business. Risk must be avoided. Processes must be tested. Everything must work flawlessly. Along with your brand. Introducing Otoma.

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We’ve delivered branding for some companies you might recognize



I could have never understood the depths to which natie helped us communicate our essence. Everything just felt on-point and right.

Ari Nahmani, CEO and Founder, Kahena
Such a creative team with a truly global outlook to branding and marketing. We're delighted with the results and couldn't have picked a better agency.

Melanie Braunold, Director of Investor Relations, Israel Infrastructure Fund (IIF)
Our old brand used to be tucked away in the recesses of one or two minds; our new brand is now in the very air we breathe. Thank you, natie.

Trevor Asserson, Senior Partner and Head of Dispute Resolution, Asserson
natie's work was impeccable. More than just a great branding agency, they're truly long-term partners for us.

Tato Bigio, Co-Founder & CEO, UBQ
The essence of inspiration - that is, in four words, how I would describe working with Eitan and his global natie branding agency.

Gur Braslavi, Co-Founder, Vayomar
natie's involvement in the Elma branding project was so intense that their team became a natural extension of our team.

Bruno De Schuyter, Manager, Elma Arts Complex Luxury Hotel
They set up the first online campaign ever for Google in Africa, delivering fantastic creative driving a huge uplift in sign-ups.

Anat Amir, Former Chief Marketing Officer, Google Africa
natie has done an outstanding job in transforming the image, brand, look, website and story of Waterlogic. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Jeremy Ben David, Former CEO, Waterlogic
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ubq - Natie Branding Agency
November, 27 2019
Amazing client. Amazing Press.

Our client UBQ is changing the world for the better. Check out this incredible article about them in the Washington Post.

Eitan-Chitayat - Natie Branding Agency
September, 23 2019
Eitan in Inc. Magazine

A no-bullsh**t Inc. Magazine interview with founder and creative director Eitan Chitayat about how to NOT create your personal brand.

Sightec-Roy-Shmuel-branding-natie - Natie Branding Agency
April, 29 2019
Head’s up. Our client Sightec just raised $2m for autonomous navigation

Sightec is the next big thing in urban air mobility and autonomous flight. We're proud of the brand we created for them and of them as a company killing it.

Eitan-chitayat-forbes-authentic-leadership - Natie Branding Agency
January, 16 2019
Founder Eitan Chitayat in Forbes Magazine about Authentic Leadership

"Don’t shy away from expressing truths you feel very strongly about", says Eitan Chitayat. "Don’t be afraid to rock the boat, challenge the status quo — people are drawn to action, even more so when you express deep truths.”

nutrino - Natie Branding Agency
December, 11 2018
Big ups to Nutrino – yet another natie client is acquired

Well, can't say we're surprised. Congrats to Nutrino who've continued to kick a$$ with their personalized nutrition data services and technologies. We know you'll make a huge difference to the Medtronic Diabetes team.

Vector of Data System - Natie Branding Agency
October, 3 2017
Kryon’s big investment means big kudos

Celebrations all around for our client, Kryon, and their big investment deal. They're movers and shakers that are going places – and we're ecstatic to be part of the ride.

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