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Brand strategy, Storytelling, Logo, Visual Identity + website
When robots do what they’re best at, people can, too.

A lot of things people have to do at work amount to drudgery. Repetitive tasks that are important, even vital…as well as soul-crushingly boring. For many years now, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has held out the promise of robots as being perfectly suited to take on those kinds of tasks so people can do what they do best: Think. Imagine. Dream. And that’s precisely where we helped Kryon.

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Take a look at
Her words
Her words

What women have to say is important. Full stop.

Please enjoy words of wisdom from some talented, confident, smart, and
inspiring women in our industry who were gracious enough to share them
with us.

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The Jewish Agency for Israel
Brand Strategy, Copywriting, Design + Marketing materials

Like a lot of clients whose brands drift farther and farther away as their mission and purpose evolve over time, The Jewish Agency for Israel needed help to find out where and how exactly to begin fixing it.

asserson-banner - Natie Branding Agency  
Branding, Strategy, Copywriting, Logo + Website

The law is all about following precedent. But branding a law firm shouldn’t be. Asserson, with offices in Tel Aviv and London, is a truly different kind of firm. Educated at some of the most demanding law programs in the world, the Asserson team take all their training and use it to evaluate each situation from a slightly different perspective.

natie-elma-pattern - Natie Branding Agency  
Branding, Logo, Copywriting, Design + Website
Creating a unique and special brand for a unique and special place.

The Elma Arts Complex Luxury Hotel is a special place, and the work we did for them occupies a special place in our hearts. The vision of founder Lily Elstein and designed by award-winning architect Yaakov Rechter, Elma is entirely dedicated to the arts and is utterly unlike any other hotel, gallery or performance space in Israel. With approximately one hundred rooms and suites of the highest standards, the complex includes a chef restaurant,...

natie-nutrino-banner - Natie Branding Agency  
Nutrino. A nutrition revolution that starts with science.

Our bodies have a lot in common, but we have a lot of differences, too. So the founders of Nutrino set out to come up with the best foods for a person to eat based on his or her unique biochemistry. To help them tell their story, they chose a number of items from the natie menu: full-on strategy for their entire brand and A-Z copy writing including their website, manifesto and tagline.

fashion-snoops_banner_a - Natie Branding Agency  
Fashion Snoops
Brand Strategy, Story + Tagline

Old friends Fashion Snoops recently launched a new platform called FS White Space for designers and other creative people…and when we say “new,” we don’t just mean new for them. We mean new, period. As in, nothing like it ever existed before. This was a super big deal for them and their clients, and having come to natie for help crafting a company manifesto, tag line and other branding elements a few years ago, they called on us again. (Thanks!)


Hi! Nice to meet you!

Branding is a big deal. Especially to us.

We love everything about it. We also happen to be a branding agency that’s been communicating in every medium with a multi-talented international team for more years than we care to remember.

We specialize in anything related to branding. You name it. Strategy, storytelling, design, websites, animation, brochures, social media, advertising, broadcast and conferences.

Probably some stuff you’ve never even heard of, too.


We’ve worked with some very special partners, clients and agencies. We feel blessed.

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ogibe - Natie Branding Agency
May, 2 2018
Eitan writes for Quartz, shares experience about being hijacked by his smartphone

The global business digital news brand of Atlantic Media approached Eitan about publishing his weeklong experiment where he chronicled his experience beating smartphone addiction.

for-web-kryon - Natie Branding Agency
April, 23 2018
Big news from new kid on the block: Kryon’s New Brand is live

We couldn't be happier for our wonderful client with the release of the new Kryon brand. The future looks bright for this already successful startup, and we can't wait to see where they go.

Vector of Data System - Natie Branding Agency
October, 3 2017
Kryon’s big investment means big kudos

Celebrations all around for our client, Kryon, and their big investment deal. They're movers and shakers that are going places – and we're ecstatic to be part of the ride.

unnamed - Natie Branding Agency
September, 18 2017
Inneractive Revamps Brand with New Product

Congrats to our long-standing client, Inneractive, for launching their new product called VAMP. It provides publishers with optimized ad units and video ad formats for increased user engagement. Power to the publisher!

Alexandra-Mor-PNG-1200x1462 - Natie Branding Agency
August, 28 2017
Alexandra Mor raises awareness on elephant poaching through innovative new jewelry collection

Always inspiring, our former client just launched a new jewelry collection aimed at raising awareness against elephant cruelty.

Arthur-Fuhrer_DSC_1819800 - Natie Branding Agency
August, 8 2017
Hot damn, they did it again. Congrats to Signals Analytics, for raising $25 million.

With global expansion, breakthrough platforms and new innovations on the horizon, it’s hard not to see a bright and successful future for Signals Analytics.

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