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Purpose-driven, passionate and true, we’re a full-service international branding agency that does it all. From brand strategy, copywriting, logo design and visual identities to websites and more, we’ve been delivering brands for over 20 years with clients large and small. We just know how to put the pieces together.

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Imagine being an event planner who’s planned an amazing function down to the tiniest detail – whether it’s in the physical or virtual world. In your mind it’s so clear, but how do you share your vision? With Allseated’s groundbreaking event planning platform, of course. Who, incidentally, asked us to rebrand their entire company. 

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Celebrating women in
Her words
Her words

What women have to say is important. Full stop.

Please enjoy words of wisdom from some talented, confident, smart, and
inspiring women in our industry who were gracious enough to share them
with us.

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Brand Strategy, Copywriting, Logo + Visual identity
Helping to democratize compliance

Heard of compliance? Regtech? It’s pretty niche, so lots of people haven’t. It stands for regulatory technology, and it’s a whole new field within financial technology. Well, Kerberos came to us from Germany. They had a pressing need to clarify and define their brand. We said, “Ja, natürlich!”

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A Clean Slate

Sustainability matters. Clariter is transforming the globe by transforming plastic waste into something that doesn’t harm the earth. They needed a story tailored to many audiences, and an identity that’s professional and human. They need a brand that’s all about clean. And that’s what we gave them.

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Vibe Israel
Almost a million views on Facebook and counting...

Coronavirus has wreaked havoc upon the world. Vibe Israel asked us to help them express a global message of hope – something that’s absolutely consistent with who they are. We searched the internet for stories of community, heroism, tragedy, joy and hope, and we delivered a film that went viral: the promise of tomorrow. We hope it inspires.

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The Natie Standards - Natie Branding Agency The Natie Standards - Natie Branding Agency  
the natie standards
we don't compromise

We’ve got core values that make us who we are. We stick to them. In fact, we’ve got a poster of them up at our space so they’re always top of mind. In the spirit of complete transparency and you getting to know us, we’re sharing them with you.

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Weather Lab
Brand Strategy, Copywriting, Logo + Website
The forecast is better

Weather Lab has created a scientifically proven way to cause the right amount of rain to fall wherever it’s needed most. Using harmless electromagnetic waves, Weather Lab can cause clouds to form and bring rain to drought-stricken areas or disperse them where there’s flooding – really! All they needed was a way to show and tell their story…

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Making Autonomous Fly

Autonomous flight and self-flying cars of the future aren’t as far away as you may think. And this company’s helping to make them happen. With a little help from natie, they now have the visual tools and messaging to take-off. 

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The Natie team got to know us inside-out and articulated our vision precisely with painstakingly crafted words and exceptionally high-caliber design. True partners. 

Roy Shmuel, CEO, Sightec
Natie made our rebrand as seamless as possible and never let us down. True partners in this critical process, I couldn't recommend them enough.  

Ran Sharon, Group CEO, Clariter
Searching the world for the right team for our rebrand, I couldn't believe my luck when I was introduced to Natie. To find such talent and expertise locally in Israel was amazing. An exceptional group!

Sandy Hammer, C-Founder, AllSeated
I could have never understood the depths to which Natie helped us communicate our essence. Everything felt on-point and just right.

Ari Nahmani, CEO and Founder, Kahena
Such a creative team with a truly global outlook to branding and marketing. We're delighted with the results and couldn't have picked a better agency.

Melanie Braunold, Director of Investor Relations, Israel Infrastructure Fund (IIF)
Our old brand used to be tucked away in the recesses of one or two minds; our new brand is now in the very air we breathe. Thank you, Natie.

Trevor Asserson, Senior Partner and Head of Dispute Resolution, Asserson
Natie's work was impeccable. More than just a great branding agency, they're truly long-term partners for us.

Tato Bigio, Co-Founder & CEO, UBQ
Natie has done an outstanding job in transforming the image, brand, look, website and story of Waterlogic. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Jeremy Ben David, Group CEO, Waterlogic
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Work - Vibe Israel - Natie Branding Agency vibe TH - Natie Branding Agency
Work - Weather Lab - Natie Branding Agency weatherlab_image - Natie Branding Agency
Work - Sightec - Natie Branding Agency thumbnail-Sightec - Natie Branding Agency
eitan-chitayat - Natie Branding Agency
June, 12 2020
Natie host Otto Beisheim School of Management (WHU) in Tel Aviv

Founder Eitan Chitayat speaks to WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management, Germany, as part of their new Customized Master in Management and Entrepreneurship Program.

ubq - Natie Branding Agency
February, 12 2020
Israel’s Trash Equals Mercedes’ Treasure

The automaker will be piloting the use of a plastic alternative produced by our phenomenal client, UBQ, who have developed a process to recycle residual municipal solid waste into a plastic-like raw material.

cellcom - Natie Branding Agency
November, 12 2019
At the end of the day, it’s all about teamwork.

Congratulations to our client, Israel Infrastructure Fund (IIF) and Cellcom for inking this amazing deal to invest in a fiber-optic venture together. Here's to competition in the communications infrastructure sphere.

eitan main - Natie Branding Agency
September, 23 2019
Eitan in Inc. Magazine

A no-bullsh**t Inc. Magazine interview with founder and creative director Eitan Chitayat about how to NOT create your personal brand.

kryon - Natie Branding Agency
September, 12 2019
40 toasts for $40 million raised by Kryon

Our team at Natie raises 40 glasses to Kryon, our favorite RPA client for $40 million raised. Wow. Their software automates monotonous, repetitive office chores usually done performed by human workers.

Otoma - Natie Branding Agency
June, 22 2019
Otoma raises $8 million

Natie client and Tel Aviv-based fintech startup Otoma Ltd. has raised a whopping $8 million funding round. Congrats to all.

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