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Branding & Website

Jellop helps creators boost crowdfunding campaigns through Facebook and Google PPC advertising. From their proprietary analytics software to their hands-on service model and results-driven compensation, Jellop offers a proven, no-risk solution for those looking to raise big bucks in a short amount of time on Kickstarter.

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These are our core values.
They’re who we are. We stick to them.
And we’d like to share them with you.

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Amir Mueller
Branding & Website
A leading landscape architecture firm needed a new brand and website that’s just as extraordinary as the outdoor spaces they design.

Amir Mueller Landscape Architects is a formidable landscape architecture firm in Israel. They’ve created exceptional outdoor spaces across the country, including public spaces, playgrounds, and parks. They have a love for each and every environment they’re given as a canvas to play with. When they get a new project, they work closely with clients to understand the space’s intended use, the interaction desired by visitors, and then they get to work...

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Arts Complex Luxury Hotel
Creating a unique and special brand for a unique and special place.

The Elma Arts Complex Luxury Hotel is a special place, and the work we did for them occupies a special place in our hearts. The vision of founder Lily Elstein and designed by award-winning architect Yaakov Rechter, Elma is entirely dedicated to the arts and is utterly unlike any other hotel, gallery or performance space in Israel. With approximately one hundred rooms and suites of the highest standards, the complex includes a chef restaurant,...

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Nutrino. A nutrition revolution that starts with science.

Our bodies have a lot in common, but we have a lot of differences, too. So the founders of Nutrino set out to come up with the best foods for a person to eat based on his or her unique biochemistry. To help them tell their story, they chose a number of items from the natie menu: full-on strategy for their entire brand and A-Z copy writing including their website and manifesto.

inneractive-logo-blue - Natie Branding Agency  
Branding & Website
Creating a technology brand with a distinctly human touch.

While Inneractive’s competitors are extolling the virtues of technology above all else, we saw an opportunity for Inneractive to stand for both: amazing tech, yes, but tech that never forgets the people it is meant to serve.

And that point of view informed everything we created for them: their new logo. Colors and typography. The tone and style of their writing. Their website. Animation. Everything.

natie-phree-pens - Natie Branding Agency  
Branding & Visual Identity
For Phree, we created more than a new brand. We created tremendous excitement.

When Phree, the world’s first write-virtually-anywhere-you-can-think-of mobile input device debuted on Kickstarter, it reached its $100,000 goal in less than 24 hours and had surpassed $1 million when the campaign ended 45 days later.

It was such a success that Phree was written up in Wired, CNET, Yahoo!
Technology and a bunch of other places – and most of them pulled directly from our work to describe this amazing product – even Kickstarter...


Hi! Nice to meet you!

Branding is a big deal. Especially to us.

We love everything about it. We also happen to be a branding agency that’s been communicating in every medium with a multi-talented international team for more years than we care to remember.

We specialize in anything related to branding. You name it. Strategy, storytelling, design, websites, animation, brochures, social media, advertising, broadcast and conferences.

Probably some stuff you’ve never even heard of, too.


We’ve worked with some very special partners, clients and agencies. We feel blessed.

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Work - Amir Mueller - Natie Branding Agency natie-amir-mueller-thumb - Natie Branding Agency
Work - Elma - Natie Branding Agency natie-elma-thumb - Natie Branding Agency
Work - Nutrino - Natie Branding Agency natie-nutrino-thumb - Natie Branding Agency
Work - Inneractive - Natie Branding Agency natie-inneractive-thumb - Natie Branding Agency
Work - Phree - Natie Branding Agency natie-phree-logo - Natie Branding Agency
_NEL8687 - Natie Branding Agency
June, 8 2017
Eitan writes for Carmel Ventures, talks branding for foreign audiences

If you’re marketing a new product in your own country, it goes without saying that your work reflects the place and culture you live in. You don’t even have to think about it because your audience shares the same general values and attitudes that...

Valtec_edwards- lifesciences - Natie Branding Agency
November, 28 2016
Mazal tov! natie client Valtech to be acquired for $690m by Edward Lifesciences

Positively thrilled about this new development for our long-standing client, Valtech. Edwards Lifesciences to buy Valtech Cardio for $690m. Congratulations!

the-natie-standards - Natie Branding Agency
November, 17 2016
Introducing our natie standards minisite

At natie, we have some core values that represent who we are. They're actually very important to us so we're sharing them with you (a few at a time) so you can learn a little bit about what makes us tick.

natie-awwwards-com-popular-vote - Natie Branding Agency
July, 3 2016
Well, we won the popular vote.

Thanks for voting for the natie site in the awwwards 'Site of the Day' contest. While we didn't win the competition, we won the popular vote beating out Pharell and the X-Men. Ka-Pow!

WebFINAL_EnterWork - Natie Branding Agency
May, 1 2016
Judging the Radio Mercury Awards

natie's founder and Creative Director, Eitan Chitayat, is proud to be a judge for the 2016 Radio Mercury Awards – a competition exclusively devoted to radio geared towards encouraging and rewarding the development of effective and kick-ass radio...

natie-TechCrunch-Logo - Natie Branding Agency
March, 3 2016
RNTS buys Natie client, Inneractive, for $72M

RNTS, the German parent company of Fyber, has acquired Inneractive as part of their plan to become ane of the largest independent mobile supply-side platforms. Hey Fyber – lucky, lucky you!

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